The time is here to lift the veil, to see the truth.
To open your eyes, to save our youth,
To remember who we are,
To reconnect with our loved ones afar,
Time to remember where we came from, before man kind is done.
We need to open our hearts learn once again how to love.
The lord is coming soon from above.
The first seal has been broke,
The seventh plague has come,
Protect your daughters, protect your sons.
Don't open your windows, close your doors,
Don't go outside if you do its six foot for life.
We have enter the three years of strife.
The house is divided, with our GOD I HAVE SIDED.
The fires rise from beneath us,
The smoke and flames from inner earth now rise,
It's time for humanity to open their eyes,
To hear the harmony of the angel's cries.
For now only true love can save our lives.
Open your mind and ears hear the voice of the GOD'S,
Before humanity is gone and mother earth falls.
The heaven's are crying out for humanity to wake up.
To open our minds, our hearts, our souls, to open our ears,
Time to let go of our fears.
So we can stand against the EVIL that for long has controlled
man kind.
To save our world it's love we need to find.
The universal language is LOVE and LOVE conquers all.
So wake up your heart's
Stand in your fait
Open your mind
Let love flow from your veins, through your hearts,
Be human play your part.
With the GOD'S I shall fight.
For mother earth I will fight.
For the universe I will fight.
For after the three years of strife,
If the energy of our love is not strong enough,
The second seal shall be opened, then you fait you have chosen.
Forget the lie's that has tainted our mind, it's our
LOVE we need to find.
My heart is open the truth I have known, for my words have come to pass.
You need to wake up you need to fast, before we have no future nor a past.
The days of reckoning is upon us now.
Remember who you are.
Remember what you are.
Remember the power given as a birth right.
Please wake up and join the fight!!
Before all our days turn into forever night.

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