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Not Someone's Grand Illusion

with a tap
the words come lighted
on a page
but its not paper
its impulses
power imparted
in less than a blink
has outstripped what we think
we think

I want my thoughts
to be my own
no Neo
the machine within
the man
I individuated
long ago
from the herd
from the words
that said who I was
though I never agreed

don't let anyone ever
define who you are
to how you are
how you be
in any one moment

what is being authentic
but knowing you have thoughts of your own
language you've stamped and earned
and made your own

I would never be a drone
made in the image of something else
so I could fit in among the others

strong children move beyond
their Mothers
and live within the frames
they've constructed for themselves

nano-bits and little chips
do not belong within a human brain
the Great Spirit would not let
the Universe alter His refrain
nor would I

I can compromise
but never in this conclusion
do not tamper with all that I've become
I will be myself
the one I've honed through all-experience
in tried and time-honored self-revolution
I am not
I will not be
someone else's grand illusion.

(this time science you try to pry too far
my response to the latest experimenting
with adding implants to the human brain
...this is not science. this is meddling.)

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and also for this legally copyrighted Poet Melissa A. Howells
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