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Gideon's Band

Gideon's Band
Here in the days of battle
We are fighting demonic oppression
You can turn to Gideon's band
To learn a little lesson
They had the Midianites
We have something more
This enemy starts fights
To promote world war
His weapons haven't changed
Ambition, fear, and pride
His tactics are the same
His purpose is to divide
Take a look at Gideon's band
Observe how they came to be
Early he sought god's plan
Through His eyes he came to see
The battle and the Glory is God's
The victory is in your hands
And though His requests are odd
We must obey the Lords command
Choose wisely your circle of friends
Those in which you confide
Many are those who pretend
But the heart reveals what's inside
God dismissed first those in fear
They won't fight if they are afraid
Faith comes by what you hear
Truly hearing the Word brings faith
God dismissed those with no vision
Whose focus was only the thirst
Very few will stay on mission
If they don't see the blessings first
Test the spirit by the spirit
Know those who labor among you
Those you ride into battle with
Link your faith with the chosen few

J. Moore

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Gideon`s Band