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It's a hateful World


It's a hateful world, which we can go around

ignoring the lost who roam needlessly, for they

will soon find true happiness, within the depths

of their own souls, by finding themselves.


It's hard enough to move a mountain, but the warmth

can melt steel, as miracles can change this life of



You can build walls as high as the sky, ignoring

life for what it is, but soon those walls will fall leaving

us unprotected to weather the storm.


It does no good to be as bitter as our mistreatment's

become memories, and our hurts a reminder of what

never has to be again.


We can live in a bubble and dream only dreams that

are beautiful, but life is cruel and so unfair, so unlike

when you were a child playing in your sandbox

building sandcastles.


Now the castles have fallen and can never be built

the same, but another castle can be built from your

own strength and understanding, one that will never

fall through all the storms.


Still, though life's sorrows, there are many memories

that carry us through with laughter and sunshine

coloring our times we didn't care if the rivers over

flowed, the trees still were nourished and the roots

deep enough to survive.


So how cruel life can be, people can be also, many, have

no knowledge how cruel they can be, even though they

say words can never hurt you, words can bring you to

your knee's.


Ever gazed into a pair of eyes that had no expression?

no feeling, just a dark void! An empty shell just existing

for existing! how sad, you can actually feel the

person crying, feeling their anguish.


They are someone's son or daughter and loved ever so

much one point in time, somehow something drained

the very life from us, making us the living dead.


This is one reason we should not be so involved in ourselves

alone, when we think we have it bad, we must never forget

someone else has it worse than us.


Have you ever went without food for a week, and as

the hours passed, the pains became so intense you

wanted to die? We may not, but take a look at all the

people who are dying because they cannot nourish

themselves to live.


Look at all the food that is thrown away while others

are dying from lack of it. Yes! this world is cruel and

we are trying not to notice, but it's thick as fog

it will never be hidden from us or the world.


There are many that care much to help those who are

less fortunate, but we need more in this world

to make love shine throughout.


We need to check ourselves each and one of us, and find out

if we are following our own judgments of self! or going

along with the crowd? Going within to find who we are

is essential for the survival of human life on planet earth.



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