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I am Greatful

I am Greatful, for every breath I take, slowly I start to wake. I am Greatful ,the sun shine beams through the window, bringing a smile a upon my face. I am Greatful, for the days warm embrace as the smell of coffee makes me grin.
I am Greatful for the smell of fresh air as I walked out the door and the vivid hues in the trees. I'm Greatful for the dog before me sitting for a treat and this unconditional trust in his eyes. I'm Greatful for the smell of bacon and the beautiful pop sounds it makes. I am Greatful I can hear birds chirp and watch the squirrels play. I am grateful I can feel the texture of the rosemary I pick, and the aroma it begins to give.
I am Greatful I got a text and then call, smiling at the thought I cossed someone's mind. I am Greatful I am here.
2020 HRRę

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I am Greatful