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Who We Are Today

In the existence of life between the mundane and sublime
Between the shores that rock our doubt
And constant waves that make life rhyme
Lies the time that we unravel in seconds tick to pass the day
That seem so unimportant in the course that we lay
Yet unknowingly they alter our every moment oozing
In small increments of data kept not of our own choosing
The random acts of kindness and the bitter
Words of anger
The poetry of our love heartbeat or the stare of a stranger
Gathered in and tucked away so deep and far beyond
To Where no mortal dare to dwell
To Where the black soul spawn
And taking all the feelings felt the hate the love the fear
Create the rare concoctions of each of us here
A cocktail of our being that's poured unto our soul
Libation Offered up for thee and all that makes us whole
From the Demons of our spirit to the Gods of which we're blessed
The mingling of light and dark in shades that suit us best
To swirl them like in a coffee cup when we have added cream
To make a mixture different to each of its own dream
A creation adding heavens rays and seeds of hell sown
To make each different like blades of grass unmown
In the meadows of our vastness each one of us complex
That undoubtedly upon scrutiny it causes others vex
And here We pause to ponder idly in our ordinary day
How each moment we think insignificant
Molds who we are today


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Who We Are Today

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