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Show Your Scars

They didn't come easy
They didn't come free
Not healed completely
Yet not easy to see
Show your scars
Some small, some large
Some a little too deep
They are yours, not ours
And they are yours to keep
Show your scars
They once brought pain
And took a while to heal
To avoid the shame
They were kept concealed
Show your scars
They did not bring death
Although you may have come close
The testimonies they left
That's what matters most
Show your scars
John chapter 20
Verses 27 through 29
Jesus shows His many
That I should show mine
Show your scars
They are not for you
They are for others
What faith brought you through
Makes believers of the brothers
Show your scars
Thomas doubted, like many today
He had to see, he had to touch
For some people that's the only way
To them your scars mean so much
Show your scars
These are your testimonies
These tell your story
For the lost, hurting, and the lonely
Show your scars, reveal His glory
Scars come with living
Living comes with scars
Testimonies that are life giving
For God's glory not ours
Show your scars

J. Moore

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Show Your Scars