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Before the sunset meets the sky
Before the earliest birds soar
Or the rooster wipes his sleepy eyes
Even before the coffee is poured
Let me seek my God in prayer
Let me give thanks for another day
This is how I prepare
For whatever will come my way
He laid me down in peace
He kept me all night long
He tucked me in my sheets
And rock me with His song
The day I had before
Could have been my last
But what He has in store
Is greater than my past
He kept my family safe
He held my job for me
He chased my fears away
And commanded they let me be
Today I wake with expectation
Of greater things to come
I'll face giants with no hesitation
In the power of God's Son
I'll be led by Holy Spirit
What He says do I will do
Though no one else may hear it
When that door opens, I'll go through
If by chance things don't go my way
If somehow I fall or sin
I can seek forgiveness for that day
And awake wrapped in mercy once again
So early I seek my God in prayer
I give thanks for another day
This is how I get prepare
For whatever comes my way

J. Moore

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