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China needs the world

The world does not need China 2


You never know what China has

Planted in what, and what’s waiting

In what to be switched on.


The escape route


The answer is complex and begins

In my country, Britain, with the ill-fated

1980s deindustrialization programme

That saw factories large and small

Close down with the loss of millions of

Home grown jobs and in their place

The so-called money-saving idiocy of

Passing all our technology and work

To China, that mysterious place of

Black macs and clapping penguins,

Who now rule the roost and could,

Should t
hey wish, call time on any

Item critical t
o the well-being of the



What happened to Ferranti, GEC,

Marconi? Once great British companies,

Sidelined and dumped in the name of

Dubious profits which today can be seen

In the likes of BT (British Telecom's plc)

Now wholly dependent and one might say

Wholly owned by China, and if the rug

Were pulled BT would disappear faster

Than its phoney high-speed Made in China



The world badly needs to wake to what

The big corporations and PLCs have done

To our right to freedom, freedom to invent,

To create jobs, to be what we all once were,

Free to pick and choose home-made items

That left our shores seemingly forever, but

 Not so Mr Shenzhen, we want our world

Back, our 
Jobs and our livelihoods.


There are people in the world increasingly

Anxious to know what we think and what

We’re doing. Technology has made it possible

To snoop without our knowing anything is

Amiss, and we should note the ever-present

Dangers imported into our midst by careless

Unaccountable corporations & plcs and stay

Alert at all times. It is fair to say I believe that

In the UK British Telecommunication plc

Otherwise known as BT, owners of telephone

Poles and much dodgy wiring is at its present-

Day heart, prmarily Made in China.


The world is in search of your info’, if asked

What are your preferences’? ‘Tell us what you

Think? Tell lies, make up stories, and whatever

You do, do not tell the truth. Made up stories

And lies will skew the data and your hidden

Secret profile big time, putting nosy noses

Completely out of joint.


They are buying us out of our own countries

Using our own money, if you want your world

Back: Stop buying from China.


Time to take back what has always been ours,

Technology, Industry, innovation and jobs.

Cheap goods are not a good enough reason

To deprive our people, our children and our

Countries of the right to work, invent, create,

Design, manufacture, and profit from our

Superior skills.

Less and less made in Britain, more and

More Made in China. Have you noticed

Items on eBay coming straight from China

At UK and USA prices? Doesn’t it make you

Think? More more people out of work,

Fewer and fewer jobs to go round. Yes we

Should be mindful of the coronavirus and

The dire threat it represents to life, but

Equally so, we should be mindful of what a

China based jobless Britain, and a China

Based jobless USA means to the well-being

Of our two nations. it cannot go on forever.


We have allowed China to incapacitate

Our skills base, the West once the

Workshop of the world, is today in the

Peg basket business; our own advanced

Technology immeasurable improved and

For the most part beyond our reach or

Reclaim, reclaim because the plants and

Factories formally busy places of enterprise

Have disappeared with the workforce.


Of course China want to invest in our countries,

It seeks to take over the world, having commercially

Brought us to our knees, stolen all our work, China

Can buy whatever it likes and more especially,

On the cheap. What did China pay for

Blitish Steel?


We should always bear in mind that China doesn’t

Do business as we might understand it. China is

A predator, and what China does is to lull dummies

Into a false sense of security on price and then

Works to cripple and stifle any remaining homw grown

Competition, and we let them get away with it.


Profits were once all that mattered, but now the

Goose has come home to roost, and with it

The reality of exactly what dealing with China

Really means. The coronavirus was the wake

Up call, the world shut down, staff were

Furloughed, jobs were lost, some never to be

Recovered, and now thousands will be looking

For work that no longer exists. What did it matter

To the likes of BT and their gravy train from China?

Well, it might start to matter very much, very soon.

We are already in catch up, and catch up we will,

Given the right incentives, high-finance and the

Political will to succeed.


Made in China is itself a pandemic we should

All be afraid of. High profits for the few should

Never be allowed to jeopardise the livelihoods

Of the many. Trading with China should be done

At a suitable distance, wearing a mask, a visor,

And fireproof gloves.


Shouldn’t we be concerned when we see a

Superpower brought to life by the oxygen

Of our own stupidity. It is we in the West,

The money in the west that made China

The power it is today, and we in the West

Who should wake up to what we’ve done

Or let others do in our name, and if not

Completely withdraw all work from China,

Then at least substantially curb it.


We have potentially empowered a nation

That one day may turn against us. We

Can see it in Hong Kong and elsewhere,

China cares nothing for the West, all they

Want is all our work and all our money,

Money to fund their war machine. China

Is a serious threat to the world and the

More we patronise their factories the

Closer we come to our own demise. Is

Profit-making a good enough reason to

Ignore human rights, overlook creeping

Aggression, and recently, turn a blind eye

To Hong Kong when it suits the banks, the

Accountants, and the wallets of the money

Grubbers? Personally, I don’t think it is.


China is a sponge when it comes to in-coming

Technology, but a closed-shop when it comes to

Sharing technical information, when suddenly all

Becomes a trade-secret that cannot be revealed.


Such is the infiltration of Made in China goods

In our lands it will not be easy to resist, so many

Things have Made in China on the back, but with

The will to resist change will come, the coronavirus

Will see UK/USA factories back in business. There

Wull be thousands out of work and all the insentive

One needs to create a second industrial revolution.

Mark my words it will come.


Send Made in China back to China, soon there’ll

Be little China makes that we need. FU** off Alexa.


A come-back journey starts with the first step. Joe



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China needs the world The world does not need China 2