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By S.C.Mitchell

Written in April 2020


If God had a wallet - my face would
Be in it - as an up to date photo - as
The years roll on by - and He'd say to His
Son - Like You - this is My child -the
Love of My heart - and the gleam in
My eye .

Can you imagine the Lord speaking
Those words to you ? - or do you feel so
Unworthy - and can't believe they are true ?
Well my friend - let me tell you - whoever
You are God sees you as special - and
Treasured - not as some fallen star .

There was a time in the past - that's how
I thought God saw me - when I came to Him broken
My sins plain to see - but He picked up the pieces
And cast them all from His sight - then He told me to
Trust Him - while He made my heart new - and said -
All would be right .

So that my dear friends - is how I am
Today - Chosen and favoured - and not cast
Away - and because of God's love - the same is
For you - and your face would be in His
Wallet - if He had one - along with
Mine too.

So - however it is - you see yourselves
Today - whether precious and loved - or worth
Throwing away - remember - the first is the way
God our Father sees you - as Precious - Forgiven
Accepted - His own - and Brand New .

So therefore -

Beloved -

Believe - that it's True


I wrote this poem after being inspired by a
friend, who showed me a photo of his lovely
children , that he carried in his wallet . I
especially noticed the love and pride he had
as he pointed them out to me ... and that is
how I believe God is towards all His children,
and if He carried a wallet , our faces would
all be in it . because of His great love for
us all.

God richly bless you
Always .

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