Tattoos in Mayberry

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Break it to me easy, baby
breezy baby
It helps me to sleep
Hit me up easy baby
I need it to breathe
Break it down for me easy baby
shweezy baby
I need it to eat
And I need it bad
isn't that why 
you're still hangin' round here..

Why's it gotta be
the hard way
the long way 
somebody done somebody wrong  way
King Kong on your prong way
Break it to me easy babe
breezy baby.
Let me down easy
baby, sleazy
Take me down to it, easy baby
when you need it bad.
Why else would I still be
hangin' and bangin' round here
When you need it bad.
Iron clad
Just been had
Fat gold money's mad
Froze our  ass in Stalingrad.
Scwag fell out our zip bag
and now we need it
and that's why all ya all are still slingin it round here.
It's eminently clear
We're all still here, 
cuz we  need it bad.
Haven't you ever tried  runnin' away
or committin' suicide.
your puzzle pieces couldn't
be all scattered around here
You smoke your stuff 
til your dim and cross eyed
over the moon 
puke drunk on cheap beer
Is that what you hold sacred?
Does it kick you in gear?
When you need it bad.
it's dangerously clear.

Itchy twichin' for a fight.
You keep your porch light on 
all night,
til you get em, right?
Cuz, you need it bad
Why else would we still be singin' it round here.
It's famously clear.
You never said thank you
when they said please
Now, you say your shit's together 
but, your shit's up in your jeans
and you need it
that's why everybody's still hangin round here?
Why, the hell are you here? 
It's patently clear
You're still here. 
cuz, you need it bad.

Buddy Bee Anthony

All publishing, editing, and copyrights reserved 'as is' by this author


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