The cradle to the Fetus

The cradle to the Fetus
On the world photography day
On the world humanitarian day
With many pics this too tells
How much inhumane are we?
Human fetus in the trash box.

Yes, animals are kind to us
The crows made heartbroken cries
Vulture's get away from this street
Screamingly lurking dogs and piggys
From that night never touch this
Human fetus in the trash box.

Pillows, heap of plastic bottles
Couch, sacks with crumbled wastes
Hugging each other the two little ones
Of unknown paternity and maternity
Made the trash box to their cradle.

The red hands in this grave scandal
Let know how to “Love and Nurture”
Learn from birth giving animals in nature.
So Scary this act, stops all bloom
Stop feticide, Decaying tender hearts.
Vinodkumar V

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The cradle to the Fetus

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