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I met a young man today
Young to me anyway
He had been in the Navy for over a dozen years
Until he left
He had been a medic
Now he was a male nurse
He noticed the scars on my legs
And asked about them

I told him a story of a 30-year old man
Who had been severely burned
Went through 28 burn therapy sessions
Spent a day in bed with a loaded gun
But got out of a wheelchair in a little over 3 months
And has climbed three mountains since then

He told me of a medic who had been on the USS Cole
Who had treated so many men
Some burned
Some worse
Some that had made it
And some that didn’t
This man later became a male nurse
And was helping me today
And that I had been so strong
To come back from what I had been through

I told him in my eyes he was the strong one
He had helped so many people
Was scared so many times
Day in and day out
But he came back
To try and help more

We were just two people
Alone in a small exam room
Who weren’t afraid
To let someone see our scars

We all have them
Some worse than others
We pick at them sometimes
Even cause ourselves pain
Just to see if they still are there

Deep down
We know we will carry them with us
For in a way
They make us who we are

Sometimes the best we can do
Is reach out to another
And hope they have
Just a little

Ed Roberts 08/23/20

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