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I didn't think about you

I didn't think about you yesterday, inside my head or out of my mouth your name never came . Nothing reminded me of you nor any memory we share. It never even crossed my mind to see if you needed in any way.
I didn't think about you today, how to make you happy or get your attention and approval. I didn't wonder what you were doing or if I could make your life easier or better. I didn't miss your voice nor your face.
I didn't think about you today, I didn't worry if you were mad at me. I didn't wish for a text, a call nor even a visit at all. I didn't work around your schedule or try to make time to give you.
I didn't think about you today, didn't worry you would say I'm stubborn or make me feel small. I didn't lower my light nor my voice just to make you comfortable. I didn't get my feelings hurt at being ignored or pushed aside. I didn't worry about, want or need you at all.


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I didn`t think about you