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Social Media Influencer

She's a Social Media Influencer
And she became a millionaire
From sales of the merchandise
She promotes on there.
And most off it is junk
But she just doesn't care
Her motto's Caveat Emptor,
Let the buyer beware.
She's a Social Media Influencer
Living well off her rising gains
Laughing up her sleeves at
Her followers' lack of brains.
She leads a life of luxury
Free of stresses and strains
As her admirers queue up to
Throw money down the drains.

She's a Social Media Influencer
Voted Entrepreneur of the year
And she accepted her award with
Just a hint of a crocodile tear.
She'll never need to work again
And her conscience Is clear
And she's considering retiring
Sometime early the coming  year.
She's a Social Media Influencer
Who doesn't see any harm
In harnessing her good looks
And her obvious physical charm
She ignores the army of critics
And their signs of growing alarm
Quietly takes her money and runs
With an air of bland faced calm.
She was a Social Media Influencer
Who waxed very big in her day
Until she decided it was time
To retire and quietly slip away,
Quietly giving lie to that old saw
People  frequently used to  say
About leading  a good life
Because crime doesn't pay.

She was a Social Media Influencer
But that's way back in her past.
She knew when to go because
She knew her bubble couldn't last.
Her public still sometime see her as
A member of a  quiz  show cast
When their celebrity  editions
Are all too frequently  broadcast.

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