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In Ireland and Scotland legends abound,
Tales of wonder which truly astound.
Yet the ones of particular interest to me,
Concern a shapechanging creature of the sea.

Oft times they are a seal, frolicking at play,
Indistinguishable from the norm, even in brightest day.
Yet when coming ashore they shed their seal skin,
And step forth as human, identical to men.

Both male and female selkies have been seen,
Eyes bright and vibrant, bodies trim and lean.
Unlike many possessing form changing power,
Selkies do not menace, stalk, or glower.

They seek romance among their human kin,
Intending no harm to those whose heart they win.
Instead, it is the selkie whose heart is often broken,
By cruel humans who reject their lover's token.

Aye, for selkies are immortal, immune to age and decay,
Yet as vulnerable to wounds as any creature formed of clay.
Many selkies were slain by outraged lover or spouse,
Yet the selkies intentions were noble, humans were the louse.

So I wonder if the line of selkie blood may yet endure;
If the centuries of human abuse their playful nature did cure.
One more example of gentle folk, who sought their love to share
With their human kindred, who simply did not care.

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