Rainbow Bridge

For my sister's very much loved Pug, Tony ♡ run free xx

Rainbow Bridge

I've been away a week now,
And what a week its been,
There are so many friends here to play with,
Some old, young and inbetween.

I reached heaven very safely,
I just closed my eyes and counted sheep,
I held on in hesitation for a moment,
But then I let myself go to sleep.

Here, we wake up early in the morning,
We go to bed quite late at night,
We love to chase a ball or dog toy,
Under the shining starry light.

We are allowed so many treats,
But we don't get any fatter,
We run it off during playtime,
So one more treat doesn't really matter.

There are dogs of all shapes and sizes,
Pugs, spaniels, shepherds and more,
And we get new friends everyday,
As new dogs come in through the door.

Some of them are really sad,
For they didn't want to leave,
Their owners weren't ready to say goodbye,
They weren't ready to begin to grieve.

Some of them are happy,
For their pain has finally eased,
They left the earth plane far behind,
With one final, gentle squeeze.

We make all of them so very welcome,
We give them licks and cuddles too,
We let them know we are here for them,
And there are lots of fun things to do.

We even get home visits,
Where our spirit is allowed to roam,
We sit on our old sofa,
We get to spend some time at home.

We get to be with our people,
And we're allowed to plant a kiss,
On their cheek, their head, their broken hearts,
Where we see how much we're missed.

And even though we miss you too,
The distance between us is just a ridge,
Heaven really is beautiful,
Just beyond the rainbow bridge.

And when we see you're missing us,
A little more than yesterday,
We come home and sit beside you,
Because we never really go away.

Vicki Wroe, 30 (C)

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Rainbow Bridge

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