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Get rid of evil and deceit,
Put away all the malice;
Envy and slander to deplete,
When Christ returns with justice.
The yearning of newborn infants,
Longing for pure spiritual milk;
Salvation curing the ailments,
Making you feel like smooth as silk.
You have tasted the Lord is good,
Experienced of His kindness;
When you are doing as you should,
As you overcome the blindness.
Because as you come unto Him,
A living stone was rejected;
In the sight of God who was grim,
That His chosen has neglected.
Chosen and precious in His sight,
A cornerstone as being built;
Glory that was shining so bright,
Being free of sin and all guilt.
God has laid the stone in Zion,
A cornerstone that will proclaim;
Where the lamb lies with the lion,
Believers not be put to shame.
What the builders had rejected,
Has now become the cornerstone;
The stone that God had selected,
That many others not condone.
A stone that is a stumbling block,
A rock that some taking offense;
And tripping them where they may walk,
For they do not use common sense.
But you are now a chosen race,
Royal priesthood with salvation;
A people has been given grace,
Living in a holy nation.
Once a people that you were not.
But you are belonging to God;
Receiving the mercy you sought,
As long as you honor and laud.
I urge you being sojourners,
By abstaining from the passion;
And be spiritual reformers,
Being in heavenly fashion.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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A Chosen People