Do you hear the morning moving against the night like lovers moving in time?
Each knowing that the other must go but will return again in just a short few hours.
Straining against the pull of the earth gently rolling around in space.
Daylight comes to wake the soul.

The deep green and lush, wooded path bathed in fresh dew and covered by the ferns lays untouched and clean.
A small distant waterfall babbles brightly with a morning song.
Earth awakes as the songbird start its singing.
So life begins again with another chance to make the day.
Each day a moment in time. A moment to walk through the garden again.
Time moves on slowly, through the year dancing with each second that drums the rhythm of the heart.
The wildwood of summer green has turned into gentle browns and yellows with hues glistening in the sun.
Fall and summer fight for one to go and one to stay.
But the fight is weak as winter blows its cold breath moving them along.
Snow falls glistening in the once green path. Life new is now old and sleeping.
Spring will rage against the winter only to return to summer.
And so it go on.
Night into day and day into night.
Warmth into cold and back again.
Much like the human essence of the heart.
Each day a new chance to begin once more.
Ragingheart 09042020

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