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My Momma Didnít Raise No Victim

My Momma didn't raise no victim
Though she herself had to struggle quite a bit
She said son this world is yours for the gettin'
Use your mind and you can have all of it
It don't matter if you're black
But you have to make black matter
Even your own will hold you back
And there is really nothing sadder
Being black is not an excuse to fail
Being black is your privilege
America history tells the tail
Success is your heritage
Many fought and died
So you can have your freedom
So you can walk with pride
And represent as you succeed them
The future of choice is yours
But it came at a great cost
Now you can shut those doors
At the next generations loss
Or learn your history
And the greatness of your past
It is no great mystery
That you were built to last
You are not a victim
Of your ancestor oppression
In fact they endured back then
To prove that you are destined
Break those stereotypes
That many live up to
Instead you be the type
That no color defines you
Be a world changer
Don't let the world change you
Endure the hate and anger
And do what God's says do

J. Moore

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My Momma Didn`t Raise No Victim