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No forgetting

with shocked disbelieving eyes,
we looked up to the skies.
As each plane hit their target one at time,
as thousands, we watch begin to die.
A million tears from our eyes is cry.

We wonder why this happen this way,
and who would pay for this day.
We wonder what was ahead,
Would we all be dead.

Two buildings did fall,
as their names someone did call.
Some didn't make it home.
some felt so alone.

19 years since that day,
When a lot of people passed away.
Since that terrible event came to pass,
still this pain will always last.

9-11-01 will never be forgot,
as fron them, heroes we got.
Let's gave the glory to God, and praise the Lord,
for being with us as we traveled down this road.


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No forgetting

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