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The Place For Prayer

You rack your brain wondering what to do
Calling your friends, racking theirs too
Reading books and watching the news
Just giving yourself the blues
The worlds in a jam, coming up with nothing
Looking at Christians like they need to do something
When we bring up prayer they get upset
Refusing to believe prayer is our best bet
Even some in the Church have something to say
Asking if all we ever do is pray
But I declare to you, if it's not the only thing
It should always be the first thing
A bad thing becomes a worse thing
If earnest prayer is not the first thing
1 Thessalonians 5:17 says never stop praying
Pray in the Spirit and see what God is saying
John 15:7 says anything we may ask
Is granted if we commit to the task
Remain in Christ and in His Word
Our supplication and request will be heard
Matthew 21:22 says if we approach in faith
We can have anything when we pray
Prayer is so important that when we can't pray
The Holy Spirit gives our groan something to say
So even the attempt to pray is not a waste
That's Romans 8:26 just so you know
It's preserved in the bible and that makes it so
In Isaiah 62:6 he put watchmen on the wall
To pray continually and not stop at all
The word pray is used 375 times in the bible
My experience shows that prayer is reliable
Prayer address the spiritual realm
That's where the real battles take place
The world is a ship with Satan at the helm
Prayer brings God's mercy and grace
We are certainly called to do more than pray
There is absolutely no argument there
But as to when, where, and in what way
We must start in earnest prayer

J. Moore

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The Place For Prayer