Songs of Life


What tonic did you mix?
Did you slip it in my drink?
A magic potion deluxe.
The elixir of love I think.
It holds my heart fast,
I cannot get away.
It will not let me leave,
But I want it this way.

Forever you tease and make my heart pond.
Seductive and cool you keep me around.
In love, maybe not, but always in lust.
It's you I desire, it's you that I trust.
You cast a spell of love and,
Love fills the air.
What magic did you use?
It caught me unaware.

I see you in my dreams, and when I'm awake,
it starts with your passion, then my soul you take.
I tried to break free, to get far away.
But I can't let you go your eyes make me stay.
I have to give in, this battle I've lost.
I'll give you my love, no matter the cost.

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