Harry Sweeden. My life in verse. 

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A handshake
A bold move was always the right way
Someone to reach out and grasp a hand
Understanding of mans constant dilemmas
And those dilemmas that we can never command.
It was never going to be easy…
So much power to wield at their will
Frustration and power blended together
Left only how many there were too be killed?
Many, so many have fallen
The blood that was spilled can never be replaced
Monuments of faith monuments of glory
Some standing millennium, now lost or defaced.
Warfare was always the best solution
Mans greatest enemy was the man he would face…
“Death would bring honour” no matter the journey
But in truth war brought only man to disgrace.
Now two hands have reached out
There are no weapons in hands
Music is playing melodically in the background
Could this be the start of a much better plan?
The talks between Israel and Muslim Countries is vital for us all.
Peace be upon us all.

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