I creeped into the house,
Where dwelled Warhead.
I stayed living there,
Yet he did hurt me.

Years ago, we lived in a home
In extreme circumstances.
No electricity, no water,
Disconnected from the outside world;
Being underground...

Warhead was regularly drunk,
And then became agressive.
He evicted my friend from the house,
And now I lived alone with this freak.

I desired him to leave the house,
But I didn't spoke my mind.
Instead, one of my violent episodes,
Which he didn't like, of course.

One evening I came home,
And all was scattered in glass;
He had crushed the glass door;
And ostracism all around,
He left thereafter...

Weeks later he returned,
And started to threaten me.
I was so afraid that I started to chant:
"IA! IA! Cthulhu fhtagn!"

Then the window fractured,
He had crushed it in.
With a stone,
So vicious.

Then the police came around the corner,
Warhead got arrested.
But not for long,
And this was frightening me.

So I took my Book of Shadows,
And took from there a Spell.
This would bind Warhead,
So he could do no harm.

I made a voodoo-doll,
And bound it with rope.
Said some mysterious phrases,
And buried him in the garden.

So now we were in the house
But Warhead was not at home.
And if, he could do no harm,
'Cause he was under the Spell.

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