The Zombies of Armageddon

2030, the world was ruled by zombies, it was the end of the world: Armageddon!

The zombies attacked everyone, even I had to run away from the zombies; on the streets, in the homes of people, everywhere were the zombies, resurrected by the greatest Necromancer of all time: Nyarlathotep (at least that's what I believed in).

I had a hole in my leg, blood poured out (probably I was bitten by one of the zombies, but this I can't recall), it had to be stitched together with a welder. I still remember I was jumping and screaming out of pain, it really hurt...After they had fixed my leg I couldn't run that fast anymore away from the zombies. I was thinking of testing them and looking how they would react on me. I was already outside and saw a zombie rushing past me, at once I said to him:

"IA! Cthulhu fhtagn! IA! Shub-Niggurath!"

He looked at me intensely and grabbed my shoulder and dragged me in the crowd of zombies, it had worked and now I was really safe. All this time I walked on the wrong side, the wrong faction, however, I knew this somehow. The zombies told me that a man, my husband (the greatest Necromancer) had put down millions to find me, and finding me he would for sure!

We walked past huge buildings, all in possession of my husband. Someone called out how rich he must be and I knew for sure that all humans would be jealous to be in my position! In the distance stood a white man with black curling long hair waiting for me, he got an enormous smile on his face when he saw me, immediately he enclosed me in his arms.

He brought me to the secret society of Sorcerers and other Black Magicians, to my amazement they had brought their computer, however they had managed that. I started to cry while I was with my husband: everything I had lost, including my cat Cthyllha and all my stuff. The next thing he said:

"Good we still have each other, happily you're still alive!"

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The Zombies of Armageddon