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        The Great Awakening?
I have experienced an array of circumstances,
people and places. I’ve looked into the eyes
of many faces. I have my own mind and think
for myself... I love all of humanities races.
It appears we are being presented with a few 
choices. Between the news and social media,
for those who watch and listen, there’s just too
many conflicting voices.
Regardless of which side of the fence a person
chooses to stand, there is a thing called personal
freedom. Have we lost the ability to know the
difference between right and wrong, as if foregone?
Have we been misled and lied to? Who’s dictating
what info is given us from media? And what of our
Political leaders? While some good, far too many
continue to create dis-ease among the people.
What if I were to say this little nasty virus just
might be a wakeup call. Kind of our lord and
savior if you will, touching every walk of life
with a bittersweet sort of flavor.
It has opened the doors exposing what’s in each
person’s soul. Did we react out of fear and panic?
Did we judge others and feel self-righteous living
in fears dance when possible death took its stance?
Yes indeed one could call it our Great Awakening
As we witness who will rise and who falls. Help
Those in need who have chosen love and trust in God
And let those go who have chosen not.

Without judgement and hate otherwise We will
experience the same fate. In a world filled Bountiful with
opinionsover who’s to blam e or at Fault, let's instead
offer Love from our hearts and.stand together not apart
And as always theres no time like the present.to start.


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The Great Awakening?



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