The Tomb

There I sat by the window,
Looking outside and beyond.
With two Arabic young men,
Whom I had never seen before.

Although they seemed to know me well,
We did traveled together on, hence!
But they were of the same age as I,
So not much knowledge stored inside.

We stepped as if eons upon the hot sand,
Thirsty and hungry we walked the desert.
The end seemed so far gone,
Until finally our feet touched stone.

A gray stone tomb in front of us,
Huge pillars caught the sight of our eyes.
While the Sun was burning through our flesh
We needed cover from the ancient tomb.

With a crunch the heavy stone door opened
Curious our eyes looked into the dark space.
In ye middle was laying the corpse uncovered,
Surrounded with four pillars therefrom.

Slowly we moved to the center,
Where the corpse was lying thereon.
And when fear stroke our spines,
When it suddenly opened its eyes.

Scared and terrified we ran off,
What was that just what we behold?
For sure it was not human at all,
Therefore it looked too odd.

As we traveled back to the city,
Halfway the desert I took my halt.
In my curiosity I returned to the tomb,
But alone this time for they knew not.

Once again I entered the tomb,
And it was still lying there.
But now it looked so beautiful at once,
How did I oversee a being from beyond?

When I touched it's bone-skin, so cold,
And immediately it grabbed me and dragged me on.
Filled my mouth with its poisonous breath,
After it made love with me, I was dead...

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The Tomb