The Time God


Aforgomon is never seen by anyone,
Offend not, wrath upon themselves.
Inhabiting the body of a follower,
Being worshiped in another dimension.

Other worlds, into the Dreamlands
But also in the waking world;
Extending His influence and powers.

Aforgomon: Lord of Time,
Seeking to change what has gone before
Or to see what is yet to come.

Dealing with this Outer God,
Is very dangerous withal.
Those who trespass in its domain
Suffer ageless torture and go insane.

He can pass in time in and out,
And puts it to a halt.
Being one with time,
Moving at speeds beyond the mind.


Those who did anger Aforgomon,
Find themselves in the Dreamlands.
Chained naked to a throne
Suspending over a gaping abyss.

Bound beneath heavy chains,
Eons waiting for Aforgomon's ways
But finally He comes in one of the days,
Killing the mortal who offended.

Corpses are being found,
Their bodies scarred with rounds.
Soon they cease to exist,
All knowledge, memory fades to nothingness...

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The Time God