The Source of the Great Old Ones

Dwelling in a cold, dank cavern,
Never leaving this place...
This grotto can be entered,
Through the Cold Waste;
In the Dreamlands.

The Book of Eibon, Necronomicon,
All mention the Source, this god.

This Source spawned
All earthly prototypes.
Whispered of about the Elder Race;
With the creation of their Shoggoths.

Within the grotto of Ubbo-Sathla,
Several tablets of stone rest;
Said to contain great knowledge
And secrets of the Elder Race.

The Elder Keys,
An enigma.
Seeking the tablets,
None has returned...

Twin to Azathoth,
The Daemon Sultan;
The first Old Ones.
Created by Tawil,
They rose against the Elders;
Stole their records,
Spawned the host of
Great Old Ones
Waging a great cosmic war.

Azathoth dwells in the center of creation,
Ubbo-Sathla lives in the Earth.
Using the magick within the Elder Keys,
He made the Earth fall out of its Universe
Into this peaceable one...

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The Source of the Great Old Ones