The Sleeping Undead At R'lyeh

Dark in tombs lie the undead against the bloodred sky;
The smoke doth rise and Cthulhu in columns grey.
Red flare the flames of fools, I am bound to go insane;
Then smoulder down, for it ebbs and flows as the darkling day.

Now went a procession, mournful, slow,
Sharp-lined R'lyeh drowned in sets of black;
Upon the Obelisk near Cthulhu's resting place,
Chaotic, mute - this is His slumbering trail.

Swift leap the crimson flames above the pyre,
As shades of R'lyeh's night are falling fast;
On high it leap - then sink under the blue waves,
And dieth not, for what is eternal will last,
Though it is Deader and Undead...

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The Sleeping Undead At R`lyeh