The Serpent Men

The legendary Serpent Men,
Who ruled this Earth before our rise.
Versed in the Arts of eldritch science,
Alchemy, and Sorcery;
The cold-blooded savants reigned.

And in these days, they all vanished
So great a fall to so mighty a race?
And which reminds me of the beings of Mnar,
Who were driven off, pushed into the Lake.

A man's early mastery;
Of the Arts of warfare,
Doting upon our ancestors
Cleaning fair Hyperborea.

The breed of walking serpents
Did bring about their doom;
By the practice of Sorceries
Alchemies, unleashing dread powers.

It was the shifting of the great Sun
That robbed the serpents of heat
Eibon of Mhu Thulan.

Like unto the Ouroboros,
The mouth seized upon the tail;
Dominating the whole disk of Earth.

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The Serpent Men