The Ravagers

Again to A'dam,
To take the train;
But my ticket got lost,
By the grey old man.

I lost everything at once,
And had to live with the man.
No other place to go,
Then the old cabin on the road.

They used drugs I could see;
Needles scattered on the floor.
Pricking in my feet,
No disease to see.

Ravagers they were,
With none to spare.
Taking food about,
And screaming aloud!

They had five cars you see,
All glimmering in richness.
I had to drive one of them,
No license, nothing to prove I could ride.

This was worse than could be,
To lose all hope, you see?
Never forget to have faith,
Or it is too late!

You will have to live like I did,
You will scream and shout and spit!
And cry for mercy aloud
But you don't know how it came about...

How I became so despairingly?
How was it that I did flee?
How long I endured all of this?
I tell in my poetry, that is...

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The Ravagers