The Protective Circle

By the light of Nyarlathotep,
Born of my desires for Becoming.
Open the Gates of the Dead
To protect my very being of spirit and flesh.
Noctifer observe!

By the light of Azazel,
Who brought the knowledge of the Serpent,
Protect me of the kin of Witchblood;
For I am Barbelzoa: the Lonely One.

By the call of Yig
May the Knowledge be revealed
By the desire of my many forms
Shall be passed from the grave to life.

Yog-Sothoth, allow the stars to align
May the Dead hear my call.

Before me Nyarlathotep;
Behind me Cthulhu;
On my right hand Yog-Sothoth;
On my left hand Shub-Niggurath;
For about me flames the Pentagram;
And in the Column the seven-rayed star of BABYLON!

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The Protective Circle