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NO, they are not much different than
Regular bugs or bacteria around and
Inside our own bodies in billions.
They are called super bugs because
They develop resistance to Antibiotics.

Scientific knowledge is expanding with
Time and efforts to know more about
Things that affect our day to day life.
We now know much more about bacteria
and how some die but some survive
the antibiotics used to control them.

We know that our bodies host billions
Of bacteria and war is going forever
Among the bacteria and the fittest
Survive and weak perish in the law
Of jungle within our own bodies.

When the good bacteria are wining
We feel fine but feel ill when bad ones
Are winning and we need help to kill
Them and stop them from multiplying.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics can kill
Good and bad bacteria indiscriminately.
Some bad bacteria survive and become
The Super Bugs –bacteria with power
To resist antibiotic and could kill us.

H G Wells had aliens killed with
The bacteria when human failed to
Conquer the aliens and were defeated.
H G wells gave us glimpse of the power
Of tiny bugs with destructive power to
Destroy mankind by eating our flesh.

Today's big question is how to kill
Super-bugs and avoid the possible
Annihilation of all of us human beings.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
31st May, 2017.

Note: It was thought that we created super-bugs by overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics. Now we have found super-bugs in deep underground caves where no humans have been. The question still remains how to control the super-bugs? Answer is very easy. Find new antibiotics or good bacteria that can kill them. Research work costs millions and sale of antibiotics cannot pay for the expense the drug manufacturers incur so governments have to take over the research work. United Nations has agreed to do that but so far not much has been done. Let us hope and pray that they are not too late.

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