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 Harry Sweeden. My life in verse.

The loudest to shout
After more than five thousand years of battles
Of slaughter, of mayhem and revolt
Five millennium of human intelligence gathered
Yet still we are at each others throats…
 What is wrong with this ever widening picture?
What is it we all need to learn?
We scream out injustice when our land is burning
But where is our world wide concern?
We elect the “clever”? ones to rule us
Yet it is these very people that force us to war
Then It is left to us the citizens of each country
To add up the final death score.
Now the dark clouds are gathering around us
The light that we all knew has gone out
No more does man want to sit and too listen
He only wants to be the loudest to shout.
Now leaders are openly lying
Not caring if the real truth is leaked
For their answer will be that God will stand with them
And its in his name that they truly speak!?
We can and do have different opinions
This is the one thing that makes us all great
But what is the point of shouting your differences…?
When the only thing this can lead too is hate.
There are many things in this life that ails me
I have suffered injustice, prejudice and pain
But the core of all I ever was and want to be
Is that the love within me would remain.
But from my window I see the whole world is bleeding
There seems no one to halt our decline
The rich are quite happy secure in their castles
Cause in their world every day is kind.
The rest of us sit back and wonder
What will the powerful do next?
When really we all know the answer…
The loudest will be voted the best!

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