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Small Cat  Hotel Come Reflect
Small Cat  The high heels in the house next door
Small Cat  Twins? Perhaps.
Small Cat  Down on his knees
Small Cat  'Til these eyes cease to see, I am yours
Small Cat  Chasing skirt
Small Cat  There was a young woman who lived in a shoe
Small Cat  Bed of stone
Small Cat  Nibble, squeeze an’ bite
Small Cat  Easy to deceive
Small Cat  'Land ahoy'
Small Cat  Message to the fly
Small Cat  'Click’
Small Cat  Living and forgiving
Small Cat  You’re still the one
Small Cat  Destination heaven
Small Cat  Here comes the rain
Small Cat  The last time
Small Cat  The keys to Heaven's door
Small Cat  Heart to let
Small Cat  The night I fell in love with you
Small Cat  Broken glass
Small Cat  Legs have lights?
Small Cat  Amazing Place
Small Cat  Put a kiss on your pillow
Small Cat  A worthwhile part to play
Small Cat  A message from the future
Small Cat  Lackadaisical
Small Cat  The girl that I love
Small Cat  Glad that we met
Small Cat  See you around
Small Cat  Pour me a dream

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The Witches Broomstick
A spell for the handle, a spell for the reed,
A spell for the string, a spell for the speed.


A commonplace object ignored through the

Year, that springs into life as Hallowe'en nears;

When witches & wizards, phantoms & freaks,

Pour from the shadows to cry 'Trick or Treat'.


An aircraft of woe made by Wretched & Mean,

That takes to the air with an ‘orrible scream,

A bedevilled broom handle, a bewitched bunch

Of reeds, a croaky old pilot that cackles at speed.


The scare-brakes are great on the dour Duck &

Dive, but for hovering hate choose the Tease

‘Til They Cry. They corner at speed and they all

Loop the loop, the cursed Evil-Diesel is top of

The group.


There are customised throttles and levers to steer,

There are seats in moan-rubber or some in sheer

Fear. The bristles are hexed by a spell most forlorn,

Take one out for a test, but be back before dawn.


As the sun slowly sets on All Saints' Day eve,

There's excitement and magic abroad on the

Streets, but do listen out for a low throaty

Hum, there’s a witch overhead - Hallowe’en

Has begun.


© Joseph G Dawson

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Small Witch

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Small Witch