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You left me standing all alone.

You left in the evening of a late summer's night.
Quietly you left and did not say a word.
You left me standing alone.
For eighteen years, I listened to your pain, and waited for you to see the love.
The night you left, my world was shattered and all that I thought was truth was lies.
You fell off the white steed that you rode hitting the ground with a thud.
Amour bent and broken sliding off as you slid down.
Your plan worked so well behind my back shattering what little faith I had left in you.
You did not think of your children, innocence as they were left wondering where Daddy was. You did not think about our friends that wondered why you left and could not be found. You only thought about you and how could you escape life.
Whisked away into the locked doors where no one could talk or see you was the blessing. Happy you were that you had no responsibilities. The model patient you became leading the group therapy sessions like you had all the answers. Hiding behind your persona so well that even the health care professionals believed your tale. So out they let you not knowing, the true you. They had knowledge that you would be alright.
You came home in the morning of a cool fall morning and sheltered yourself away. Away from your sons. Away from me. Again, you left me standing all alone.
Nights and days, you hid in the bed with an arm over your eyes to keep out the world.
How could I stay in this loveless house where death loomed day by day? Never knowing what I would find upon coming home? How could I stay where the children blamed themselves for your behavior?
How could I stay knowing that you blamed me? You declared that your life was fine until you met me. That I had made your life too hard to bear. What did I do? I never asked for expensive things. I never let the house be dirty. I never let the children play to loud in the house. I never told you that I hated you the way you told me.
Then it happened again. You left me standing all alone in a house where nothing, but arguments occurred.
You fell again hard to the ground and went again to your happy place. That place where no one could reach you unless they had your permission. That place where you felt safe, guarded from the world.
You left me standing all alone.

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You left me standing all alone.