This may hurt at first....

To be clear itís always been you....
Do you believe that two people may have felt one another
And still not know whatís in front of them?
Do you think they could establish colors all over again
Or create the sound never heard by ears of another again
Is it possible that love never left and here we were learning
That you were exactly and I was exactly what we needed
The universe cries still
I thought it was best to stop speaking words
Build you a door to my inside melody
Allow you inside to peek
You misunderstand what you see
Come here....come to me
Let me explain the shadows and silence
In such a way that words will not do the feeling justice
This feel is a vibration
A wave soft enough to be naked to the ear
Unrecognizable to the eye
But unable to be ignored by the spirit
You feel me?

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This may hurt at first....