Love Is

Love is not static
Then again in its own way it is
Love is alive
It goes through growth
And phases
Love lives
Love is life
In all aspects and stages
Newborn love
Like a new born babe
Learns the lessons of love
From the cradle until the grave
From the making of mistakes
Along the way
New love tottles along
But keeping at it
Over time it gets stronger
The longer love lives
Caring and sharing
Both elements learning to give
Learning to overlook and forgive
Love is life
Husband and wife
Growing more in love
Weathering seasons of strife
Grown folks love is ripend
With maturity...
Producing a necture so sweet
Void of self serving egoistic vanity
A symbiotic fluidity
Momentarily taking time to reflect
Full of patience and mutual respect
Love is not limited to
Nor defined by just good sex
Love is life
Love is real
Love ain't static
Love grows
In its own way
Love is better
Because it gets better with change
Love is life
Life without love
Ain't living

Habib Baba Hasib

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Love Is