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The Perfect Place to Rest

It's been a long journey, it's been a hard road
Life is a long haul with a very heavy load
It's been a tough climb, a long way up
Often times it felt as though the rope was cut
Rest however brief often comes with a cost
One could be left behind and get totally lost
Then back to the starting line, to try it again
No way to quit but no way to win
A lot of mistakes, and more wrong choices
Criticism and advice from so many voices
Good days and bad days have come and gone
Sometimes it went right sometimes it went wrong
I never reached perfection but gave it my best
Now I look forward to the perfect place to rest
Others have gone before but finally its my turn
Rest eternal in a mansion I did not earn
No rent, no mortgage, no need to finance
The deed signed in the blood of the God Man
He owns the pearly gates and the streets of gold
Even the weather there is under His control
Night time never comes, it doesn't get too bright
In the perfect place to rest I can sleep in the Light
The sweet sound of praise is music to my ears
A joyful dance has replaced my tears
No aches, no pains, no stress, no strain
Healthy heart, healthy lungs, healthy blood, healthy brain
Not weak, not tired, not weary, and not worn
Not tested, not tried, not tempted, not torn
The perfect place to rest and be rejuvenated
It's been a long time coming but I finally made it
This resting place feels so good
I wouldn't leave this place even if I could
If I had any desire it would certainly be
To have all of my loved ones resting here with me

J. Moore

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The Perfect Place to Rest