You think I donít care but thatís the furthest thing from the truth
I donít ride by your house anymore because a part of me would break if I saw that car
I donít try to crawl inside you because you wonít let me in and Iíve got no idea whatís going on in there
I love you more than life itself and I canít get to you because she is the snake and sheís bitten you numerous times
Every time Iíve tried to suck the venom out you tell me to leave it
Iím falling apart without you
It was never your body or the material things
Honestly I could get those things without trying
Itís the blend of our energy
Itís who weíve always been together
Itís the safe place we created.
Itís the love shared
Itís always been the love.
No one will ever be able to recreate us
Regardless of who it is
How much they are like you or I
They will never be you nor I.
The energy is too great for another to carry.
Thatís the truth.

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