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Where there once was happiness and hope
Itís a dark spot.
I just sit here.
No desire to go find something new
No desire to find a better you
I just sit here.
Many try...but I canít allow them to touch me
but where was this years ago
Maybe it was stuck with my ego
Torn down to size
Yes torn
Feelings of brokenness but not with you
Sometimes it does upset my mind
How easily my body clings right back to yours
I canít be mad for long
In words yes
But in vibration I just want you home
Now aligned with vibes
But those words I spoke held so much weight
Not realizing I was speaking from hate
Not for you but for the other
But my soul still hurts that you entertain her
Regardless of what it does to me
Do you really care?
You wonder why I think I donít matter
So I just sit here
My soul crying
I just sit here
My spirit dying
Love myself...
Iíll just sit here

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