A Synthetic Soul

Lunacy Fiend

Gold lunar beams cling
to the edge of a cold breeze.
The climax it brings
is.... Oh such a treat!

No greater trick has
ever befell me. This
Thundering heartbeat,
it compels me.

This Halloween
I'm a lunacy fiend.
Indulging the nightmares
that creep into day dreams.

As fire meets lightning!
My veins dance!
Like a Psychopath.
Laughing madly back at you.

Sweating like rain and sensing
a sudden degree of change.
As my eyes reach for the
back of my mind.

A sharpening proceeds a sea of
little screams. Bones cracking in
and out of place, my teeth the
razors for the kids to taste.

Clothes tearing. Muscles bulge
and stretch. Jagged Claws that
slash and rip, replace the burnt
ends of my fingertips.

In a rage. As savage, as swift.
With not a corpse for evidence nor fingerprint.
Just blood and its stench left on my tongue tip.
This is a monstrous thirst that I must quench.

Tomorrow's dawn, it beckons grief.
On milk cartons, for this siege.
No one I miss will rest in peace.
Or be the same again come Halloween.

Not one lived who heard the howls
that echo still across the fringes of
a sleepy town. Beneath a born
bloody, bright full moon.

Made years ago by me,
down a red Elm Street.
One unforgettable odd night.
Friday the 13th

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