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You were once alienated,
And hostile in the mind;
Evil deeds dominated,
Wickedly to humankind.
The body reconciled,
Of any flesh by His death;
Because it is defiled,
As corrupted with each breath.
Please be holy and blameless,
Before Him above reproach;
For in His sight He will bless,
When He judges your approach.
In your faith you continue,
Being stable and steadfast;
Not shifting hope in value,
That you heard to ever last.
Rejoice in your suffering,
Filling up what is lacking;
Because Christ is buffering,
While He has your backing.
I write for the stewardship,
That God had given to me;
Because my citizenship,
Writing as to His decree.
The mystery is hidden,
For the ages and generations;
That once it has been forbidden,
Now reveals new revelations.
To them, God chose to make known,
Among Gentiles are great;
For the glory to atone,
In order to change their fate.
For we proclaim as we preach,
Teaching everyone wisdom;
Be mature in my outreach,
Guiding them to His Kingdom.
For I toil to contend,
With powerful works in me;
For the Gospel we defend,
His glory so others see.

Copyright © 2020 Richard Newton Sherrer

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