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The Off Brand

I am the off brand you secretly like
I am the acorn you pick from the ground
I am the last black bird winging home at night
I am the lining that tarnishes the cloud

I am the sweetness at the end of the cup
I am the kindness you were hoping for
I am the little thing you thought you once lost
I am the silly joke that keeps you from getting bored

I am the thirst and the quench
I am the hunger and the desire to mend
I am the place where you sit next to on the bench
I am your last word your love word your friend.

I am the off brand.

Legal copyright for this poem 9:59AM October 30 2020
and also for this writer/poet Melissa a Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted and registered
site title Meloo straight from her tilt-a-world

I am who I am who I am.
Melissa A. Howells

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