Pete's poems from the night.

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A vampire's lament.

A sirens cry of distant ships
Call to one another
Indulging a mind in a memory
Quickly dismissed in anger.

A head rests upon stone
Caressing impenetrable coldness
Overhead, a waning moon
Knows of a sadness.

Tears catch the light
Stars falling to Earth
Where lies all meaning
None so alone since birth.

Discovered in dreams
Like a discarded keepsake
Once to be treasured
Lost, an eternal ache.

A heart lifted by hands
Brushing away scars
Falling upon a sea
Of deepest regard.

Time was lost
Within eyes
Full of light
Bereft of lies.

Falls of black silk
A face contoured
Smiling for
A soul restored.

Drifting into the night
Black absorbs complete
All memory but one
Should all joy cease.

The sun slowly rises
Over a mountain’s shoulder
Shadows slowly concede
As light grows bolder.

Tighter is held loves gravestone
As pain from a new day grows
Weary eyes glare at the sun
As with a last kiss he lets go.