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She Called Me Her Friend

It seems like so long ago, yet only like yesterday.
She has been gone for 16 yrs now, but I remember.
The good days, the bad days...the happy days, the sad.
So many years yet, so few to find us.

Momma had Alzheimer...but we tried to be normal.
I didn't always think of it as a hardship.
Yet there were days harder than others.
I just remember always thinking I now had all her attention.

When I talked to others or listened to them in emotional pain.
One thing always seemed to surface with all of them.
The time they were forgotten as the child or the spouse.
Everyone always felt the loss of the person they loved.

It got me curious, how would I feel when she forgot who I was to her.
She still knew who I was till the year before she lost her battle.
I asked her one day, quite innocently "Do you know who I am?".
she looked up at me and said "yes, your my friend.".

It took my by surprise, but I didn't feel sad or upset
I sat there thinking about what she said and how I felt about
It was not the answer I had expected, but somehow it made sense to me.
Then I realized that this was the answer I really cared about

We always know who the parent is and who the child is.
Yet, as we get older, there comes a transition of who we should be.
Now the child really wants a friend and so does the parent.
So the answer was exactly what I wanted to remember her by "My Friend"

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She Called Me Her Friend