I thought she was my friend

The true betrayal laid next to you.
She held resentment in her heart until she found you
See I left it open to door through
But I believed her my friend
Off limits
Silly me.
She used you at first then actually fell for you
Then used me to keep you.
Then used what the two of you created to keep you from me
Sheís very smart.
My decision to step back has everything to do with this not being a game or a thing about settling scores
See I actually love you
Canít watch you be abused
This is my karma too
For the mess I made out of you
Limbo. Not knowing what or how or when
I donít believe Iím capable of love again
See this is new
Itís never taken this long before
Iíve never felt it impossible to connect with another until you
Another first for you
And here I thought our firsts were through.
Iíll just sit and keep going at the same time. Honey now I know how those old people just sit lonely all the time
No one else is worth their time
Thinkin they had lost theirs
I had finally realized I wasnít lost til I lost us
Left us.
Left you to lose us.
Lost my mind in the process.

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I thought she was my friend