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Life Revealed

We come into this world alone crying
unable to fend for ourselves, we
learn something new every day, we
grow in strength, we do what comes
to mind, we try to live the proper way.

We love our angels within, life
never seems to go just right a
lot of cracks along the way, we force
ourselves to put one step forward, to
think in a positive way.

We take so much in these uncertain times
watching earth dying slowly before
our eyes, what can we do when were
only one, with thoughts, that could change
the ideals of the world collectively.

Through years of struggle we still
find out, that life always has a bright
side, there we meet people who love
us dearly, and forget they are part of us
through and through.

Life is cruel, but it does not mean we
should be cruel, having no compassion
we need to search our souls, for a
certain thing, we call peace-of-mind
once you find it, life seems to change
you find yourself, and life becomes so
different, in mind, heart, and soul.

Love comes our way in many disguises
you think you have the answers to true
happiness, when you find out, it is only
all a make-believe world of fantasy, love
you thought was love, was never love
just a feeling make believe.

No matter how deep your hearts been
broken, this world does not stop for
your grief, you pick up the pieces
and continue down your path, becoming
wiser along the way of hard knocks.

Then down your path, you feel a special
something, that cannot be explained
a spiritual kind of love, a deeper kind
of love, it's like a rose blooming
from the soul, a light pushing upward from

You live your life like normal, only your
rose never dies, it keeps blooming
and sending out its sweet perfume
a feeling of true bliss living within
no words to describe the meaning
of spiritual love.

So we go on, we observe, we look
beyond our universe, seeking out
answers to how the earth began
wondering if others like us, live on
other planets like ours, we continue
with more new devices to make
life easier.

We must realize that our treasures
are around us, we only need to
look around and see the start of
a brand new day, and the setting of
the sun, and look into the velvet
heavens and see the diamonds
sparkling down on us.

We have a lot to be thankful for
more than just a bad life of misery
it goes much further, deeper, when
your heart is at peace with yourself
all the hurts, all your dreams need
not to be bad memories, they are
lessons to continue on.

We must count our blessing we have
so much to be thankful for, leave the
wars behind, let's live in peace, life is
too short to live in sadness, when it is
up to man, to make life happier in love
remembering life is only a train away
before we have to leave.

We make many turns, cross many
roads, yet through all strife we
move on, cherishing the fruits of
our labor, living the best we know
how helping many who may need
just a friend, for a while.

We are born to learn, to grow, to be
teachers to guide us on our way, like
angels without wings, they may just enter
our life's for a short time, leaving
like a whisper through the night, staying
long enough to comfort an aching
heart, healing a lonely soul and gone
in a blink of the eye.

Once they have left as they appeared,
fear not, they came to be an angel just
for a while, to help make your road
a little easier, to show you how to
achieve peace eternal, and shine your
light among men.

'Life shall never be like honey, all the
time, but understanding can make
you wise.'

© DerenaDerena (All rights reserved)



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